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How do I put my flute together?

  • Pick up the body of the flute by the edges and not by the keys.  Keys are delicate and can damage easily.
  • Remove all the shipping corks on the main and foot joint.
  • Firmly hold the edge of the body of the flute on your left hand. Be sure that you are not touching or squeezing any of the keys.  Use your left hand as an anchor.  Do not remove it from its original position.  The right hand will do most of the work.
  • Pick up the head joint with your right hand and insert the edge embouchure hole with the keys.
  • With your right hand, pick up the foot joint with your right hand on the edges.  Let the foot joint slide down your palm so the two large keys are clamped on the edge of your palm.  Your thumb must not be around the bottom of the piece to avoid bending the keys when you twist on the foot joint.
  • Now, insert the foot joint to the edge of the body of the flute.  You must line up the foot joint so that the rod is centered with the tone holes of the body joint of the flute.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in connecting the foot joint and the neck joint to othe main body, a small application of cork grease (provided) can help ease the connection!

Why do the keys not open after I press them down?

Sometimes a spring can come out of place during shipping and regular use or screw might be too tight. The worst-case scenario could be that something is bent or broken and is preventing the keys from functioning properly.  Follow these simple directions to find the problem:

  • Make sure that all the shipping corks have been removed.
  • Take the main body and look it over very closely between the keys.  Make sure that all the springs are hooked in place. If not you can push them back into position.
  • Check all post look for screws that have worked their way out and screw them back into place.  If a screw is too tight, you can loosen it to insure that the keys move freely.

When I play my flute, there is no sound. What is wrong?

If there is no sound produced from the flute, there might be an air leak caused from a pad not sealing completely.  An adjustment may be needed or a pad needs to be replaced. If so, contact your local instrument repair shop for assistance.

How do I tune my flute?

  • Use a chromatic type tuner.
  • The tuning pitch for the flute is C, played by pressing the B key in combination with the Eb key.
  • Adjust intonation by pulling out or pushing in the head joint.
  • Not every pitch is in tune on the flute and the intonation must further be adjusted with the embouchure placement.
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